Elaine Chao describes how she learned about empowerment from her parents
Elaine Chao says no one can have it all, but you can't have regrets
Elaine Chao says having choices can be difficult.
Elaine Chao describes why curiosity, education and courage helped her overcome any limits she may have had as a woman of color.
Elaine Chao describes the appeal of "stretch" jobs.
Elaine Chao says leadership takes practice.
Elaine Chao describes why being a good listener is key to being a good leader.
Elaine Chao says employers need to tap every talent, and women should not expect special treatment.
Elaine Chao describes why feeling like an outsider makes her a better leader.
Elaine Chao describes why she thinks there aren't more women in government.
Elaine Chao and Linda McMahon describe how they prioritize their time.
Elaine Chao says everyone has to decide for themselves what "have it all" means.
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